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Are you paying too much for your engine? Rebuilt engines starting at $1,495!

AutoWise is Indy’s only exclusive engine shop for over 20 years, no tires, no brakes, no mufflers, just engines. Engines are our only business. At AutoWise we don’t just replace engines. In many cases we are able to rebuild the existing engine for a lot less money. Upon an engine removal and tear down, AutoWise is looking for two factors:

1: The internal condition and degree of damage to determine your best option (rebuild or replace)

2: Why did the failure occur?

Our procedure is to determine why an engine failed. Without correcting the cause of failure (whether a mechanic failure or a failure of maintenance) the new repair will fail as well, usually when you’re out of warranty, and you end up spending good money for a bad repair. Don’t let this happen to you. You need an expert and AutoWise is your engine repair expert. At AutoWise you won’t find a sales manager on commission or mechanics not qualified on engines, but know brakes and mufflers. What you will find is an owner/operator that will explain your engine’s problem to you so you are able to understand in terms that make sense to you. If it doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true. AutoWise offers repairs on intake and cylinder head gaskets (engine overheating), oil leaks, water pumps, timing belts and chains, as well as complete engine rebuilding or replacement. Free towing when we do the work and a 100% written warranty. Before You Decide, call AutoWise 317-549-9267 located at 4173 N. Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana.